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  This is a part of a collection of EVP, from Paranormal ITC research.

The Vocibus (and SCD-1 and now also the Impossible Box),

has given some of the most intelligent answers ever received from a Ghost App.

Some random EVP.

The Impossible box minnisession.
While catching some EVP, this came in. The longest EVP sentence I have ever catched.


Catching EVP and chatting with Chuck and Eva.

Gb 1 session
Chatting with spirits.

Talking with Aliens.

Divination Box session
Chatting with spirits can sometimes take a turn.
These entities claim to be aliens, in a ship above us, cloaked.
I am not saying this is true, but they sound convinced, and acting as such.


Requested Jamies session

UnTagged Tuesday Open Session July 19, 2016.
Headphones Recommended -- Portal/SCD1 --
Missing Person Case -- Emilie Meng --
Questions re: Planet X For Kathy -- Follow-Up Questions For Bonnie --
Thank You, Love&Light,

Emilie Meng MB221 EVP 15.Aug. 2017

Flere små samtaler med Emilie (Ghost). Her er en kort session, hvor Emilie udtrykker ønske om, at oplysninger gives videre til hendes bedstefar.


Hans Siertsen

Var Hans's dødsfald en ulykke?
Ånder forklarer, at Hans Siertsen ikke forstår dem.
Der er tale om, at Hans er fra Færøerne, og han taler ikke dansk og engelsk.


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